Monday 31 August 2015

Collin's Diner - Canaan, Ct.

Collin's Diner has been at this location since 1941.
At Canaan, Ct. Collin's diner can be found in the same parking lot as the station. A kind of neat looking structure that I thought you might like to see. Don and I had a big breakfast already but have put this on our list for a stop next time through town. If the diner look familiar to you, it has been used in numerous Hollywood films. Some vintage views can be found on the diners web page below...George Dutka

 Welcome to the Collin ' s Diner

Collin's Diner on a wet May 31, 2015 morning.
One can see the location is well within sight of the station at Canaan, Ct.

A great deal for breakfast.

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