Monday, 17 August 2015

Snapshot - Aug 2015

My view of a nice new CN engine leading a morning eastbound towards London, Ont.
On Saturday I was on my way home taking my usual route which takes me over the CPR and CNR tracks just west of London. It is kind of a back way home down River Rd. through Kilworth. To my surprise Peter Mumby was standing at the crossing with his scanner. Not being in a hurry I pull over and had a bit of a visit. Peter was allowing himself 15 minutes at this location as he was headed to Hamilton to take in a CFL game later in the day with his son. I took one last look down the track before I left and there was a headlight heading our way. I quick trip to the car for a camera while Peter sets up his video camera and we both got a similar shot. To our surprise the eastbound had a brand new shiny unit on the lead. It has been a long time since I saw a shiny new engine on the well worth the Saturday track side visit. Oh by the way Peter blew his 15 minutes by at least 15 minutes...George Dutka

Peter Mumby's view of the eastbound. Although we both are standing in the same general area we each caught a different view. I was using a Canon telephoto zoom lens while Peter was using the stock Canon zoom lens.


  1. Nice! Peter must have had a fun time at the game.. we watched it on TV.

    1. Hi Steve Peter was over yesterday afternoon for a bit and it sounds like both him and the Tigercats did well...George