Tuesday 18 August 2015

General Steel Castings Pulpwood Cars

In the White River Jct. yard two ex-D&H pulpwood cars are renumbered as MEC cars. The models are by Atlas which needed a bit of assembly, grabs and so on. The pulp loads looked too shiny and not that distinct when viewed from the sides. My loads got a wash of black water based paint which added shadows to the logs.
The current (Aug 2015) RMC has a nice article on General Steel Castings pulpwood cars. I had assembled a couple of MEC cars a few years back that I wondered about. They are painted D&H and had blackened areas with MEC added. It was interesting to see these particular cars are noted as built for the C&O in 1956 (100 cars) and at some point sold to D&H, MEC, ACL, SCL and CSXT. It appears some or all the D&H cars then went to the MEC. A thought, some transfers from D&H to MEC might have been through the Guilford era...George Dutka.

I had two other pulpwood D&H cars set aside for years...maybe it is time to get them rolling. You can see the difference in the wood loads.
As one can see there are many grabs that need to be added to the D&H black pulpwood cars.

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