Sunday, 16 August 2015

Union - Pearson Express, Toronto, Ont.

The UP Express is seen from one of the very few openings just outside of the Toronto Skywalk.
My wife and I went to Toronto, Ont. by train on Tuesday...the main reason was the St. Lawrence market but I did sneak away for a few photos of the new Union Pearson Express service. It runs every 15 minutes out of Union Station to Pearson Airport. The run is 25 minutes long with additional stops at Bloor and Weston. Service is 7 days a week from 530am till 1am. I was told 5 sets of equipment are required for the service to work.  I found it hard to find a good spot to get a great photo of the train around Union station with all the glass walkways in your way...shooting through the glass is not great. When the train leaves the station one can wait around for the next train to arrive in about  5 minutes...they must pass each other not far west of Union station which would make for an interesting view...have yet to visit the other stations. At Union Station, UP Express re-built a separate station on the Toronto Skywalk not far from VIA and GO connections. At Pearson airport the train arrives beside the Link Train at Terminal 1...George Dutka

Looking from the Toronto Skywalk one can see an arriving UP Express train.

Looking through the station window one can see the lead end of the just arrived UP Express with a GO train arriving at Union Station in the background.

UP Express has just arrived at Union. A change of ends and off this train goes once again. The best light for this shot is mornings. Many areas in the afternoon are shaded.
UP Express passes under Blue Jays Way which leads to the dome and CN tower.
Looking into the newly finished UP Express Union station. As you can see there are many the moment they outnumber the passengers.

This billboard is seen by passengers arriving Union Station.

This is looking inside the station, east to west. The glass walls are actually opening doorways that passengers board through.

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