Tuesday 25 August 2015

New Camera

A Panasonic view of the White River Division with Don's new pocket camera. The photo is done on auto setting which gives limited depth of field.
Don Janes stopped by yesterday after doing some errands plus some shopping in London. His Canon pocket camera is toast and he needed a new one. He picked up a Panasonic LUMIX LF 1 camera. It is a nice and thin camera about the size of a I-phone. We took it downstairs to see what sort of model railroad photos it takes (the camera is actually mainly for his wife use) but he wants to use it on trips. Right out of the box the photos seemed to look pretty good although we did not figure out the depth of field...Don did some reading when he got home and took some additional photo. None of the photos are edited although resized to fit this blog...you get to be the camera  judge...George Dutka

Once home Don took the following photos with AV setting and proper depth of field. This is one of his newer scenes.


  1. The camera does nice work! I like the shallow depth of field photo.

  2. Hi Steve:
    It is amazing how well the new cameras take photos...George