Thursday 13 August 2015

New Haven 10 Window Smoker-Coach

NH smoker-coach is put into service on the White River Division after a few added details and paint.
This spring I picked up a Rapido NH 10 window smoker-coach. It is a great model that could go into service as is but I want it to look similar to my other coaches in appearance. The model comes with a partial skirt or without skirting in three numbers each. Mine has partial skirting. The model also comes with the proper roof vents over the smoking lounge. On my model I began by taking off the roof and added the batteries for the interior lighting. The roof, trucks and underframe got a coat of Floquil grimy black. I added a few passenger as I do with all my coaches followed by interior shades made from paper bags. The blinds are at various heights. The trucks and roof are applied and it is ready to roll...George Dutka

The roof and trucks are removed from the coach for painting. Grimy black takes away the shine from the roofing and trucks. Some chalk weathering will add to the final look. I have done this with all my Rapido coaches and baggage cars.
Two more passengers are ready for painting. One can see through the windows how much more interest passengers add to the coach.
Passengers are added to the interior. Some are Woodland Scenics while others are painted metal castings. Note the shine is gone from the roof with a more weathered look. Floquil grimy black is my go-to colour for roofing.

The paper shades are partly installed with a section still to go. The smoker section will get longer blinds.

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