Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rapido FPA-4 - CNR 6767

A single CNR FPA-4 heads a Canada bound passenger train over Bellows Crossing diamond on the WRD.
In May my new Rapido DCC with sound FPA-4 arrived via Don Janes. Actually Don got us a deal on two engines if purchased together. I picked number 6767 as this was an engine I had seen running as a single unit through Vermont in books and photos. What a great sounding engine it turned out to be and something one might consider if modeling an earlier area....George Dutka

CNR #6767 rests upon a few published photos of the prototype engine in Vermont.
CNR 6767 and 6770 are in Essex Jct.Vermont running around the train in July 1962. These units will handle the Girl Scout Jamboree crowd back north. The CV handled 6 special passenger trains to Essex Jct. handling 2,639 girl scouts during July 18-19. The girls are headed to Button Bay 22 miles away. On July 30-31, 1962 6 trains arrived once again handling 10-21 coaches each. George Dutka collection.

The girl scout train is heading north through St. Albans, Vermont with CNR 6767 on the lead and 6770 trailing. I purchased these photos from Jeff English at the Rutland Railroad Historical Society 1998 Convention held in Chatham, NY. It surprises me what one will find attending these type of meets. The Jamboree photo group included eight images. More views can be found in the Ambassador, Vol 8, No. 3.

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