Friday 5 February 2016

February Update

The Westboro engine house scene is now complete. I will cover the scene in a upcoming post.
January has been a busy month on the WRD. With an open house coming up in late April I have spent some energy getting the Westoboro scene completed. I also got some power problems solved with my diamond. The Bellows Falls scene has all the track down now. Wiring is up next...a few photos from my progress...more post this weekend to follow regarding my new scenes...George Dutka

Micro Engineering switches are ready to be added to the scene. The rail is mainly code 83 with a bit of code 70 so I could use these two level crossings. A few of the foreground tracks will be code 55 that I got from Peter Mumby and Bob Hannah.

The track work is coming along well in this mid January view. The part built buildings in the background I purchased for 50 cents each recently and will become building flats around the tunnel entrance.
Looking down the roadway towards the engine shop.

At the end of January the Monster Model Work kit is coming along well. It will be done in early February.

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