Friday 12 February 2016

Stock Cars on the WRD

My lone B&M stock car is being pushed back to the yard.
For a bit of a change I pulled out my small fleet of stock cars the other day. I gave them a run over the WRD and at the same time took a few photos...enjoy...George Dutka

My recent Accurail acquisition that I posted about on Feb. 1st.

A Yankee Clipper, B&M model built by Warren Dodgson. Warren never weathered any of his cars. So when I added this one to my fleet some weathering was applied using Bragdon powders and PanPastels.

This is my Westerfield kit that I blogged about in the fall. Since then the lower section got some PanPastel white while the boxcar red has a dusting of Bragdon dark rust.

A trio of stock cars are headed to the stock pen on the WRD...they better take their time so I can get one built.

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