Saturday 13 February 2016

Flea Market Finds

I thought this model was reasonably priced, but the fellow who tagged the prototype must have spent double that figure on spray bombs!
Flea Market Finds, Ancaster Show, January 2016
Commentary by Peter Mumby......Photos by George Dutka.

It is nice to attend a train show and make a few sales, but it is often the items you bring home for yourself that make your day.  My eye is easily caught by good looking pieces of rolling stock - nicely finished with extra details like fine stirrup steps, cut levers, and brake components.  Two weeks ago I came home with three boxcars which are era-appropriate for George's WRD layout.

CP 269546 represents a US-built PS1 car operated by the railway's International of Maine Division.  The model was possibly built from an old McKean kit and lettered with CDS dry transfers.
Coupler cut levers have been added.  CN 526298 was similarly finished, with added cut levers and air hoses.  Proper Canadian-style end ladders, with attached lower stirrup step, have been added.  Both these cars received a light dusting of PanPastel weathering before posing for George's camera.

This PS1 boxcar is probably the most mundane model of the lot, but it has been nicely finished.
CN 506701 is a car which I overlooked at first, not immediately realizing what it was.  Fortunately it was still there when I made my second round - a very well built CNR 1929 boxcar which began life as a Sylvan Scale Models kit.  I will have to keep an eye out for more examples of this kit at future shows - I suspect I could talk George into building one of these as well!

CP 434704 is definitely a model of a car from a different era.  I was not aware of this model's existence, but according to the box label it came from a limited run ( one of 200 ) of Rapido cabooses custom made for George's Trains of Markham.  It represents a former mainline caboose which CP transformed into a shoving platform by covering over the windows and welding the doors shut.  Apparently the prototype for this car sat in one place long enough for a tagger to roll a lighter shade of yellow over one side before completing the colourful "Canadian Pacific" script.  I am not always a great fan of graffiti, but this car definitely wanted to come home with me!

This side of the model shows the shoving platform as CP intended it to look.

I am definitely glad I took a closer look at this Sylvan scale model.  I promise to give it a good home!

In addition to the visible details, this CNR boxcar features cut levers and fine brake components.

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