Friday 26 February 2016

What's in the Box - No. 20

This is what I found in the box Gary sent over the other day. The instructions have some good views but limited instructions which is not a real problem.
My friend Andy dropped of a part built structure for me to complete for Gary Pembleton this week. Gary is a N-Scale modeler who really likes Creative Laser Design kits and New England modeling. So CLD kits which are copies of New England Prototypes are a good match for him. This one, Milt's Woodworking in N-Scale as George Riley notes in RMC, "is a model that is so familiar that I would swear that I had actually seen its prototype." This model represents structures that were commonly associated to light manufacturing or warehousing and something that has a New England feel to it.

This kit is all wood with small windows that need to be assembled which could be a problem. CLD supplied Gary with build-ups. Some of the trim and features are a bit over-scale but do work out well. This kit appears to be one of the better CLD kits to date. As seen in the photo Gary has already assembled the main body while I will add the smaller details and finishing touches...George Dutka

CLD sent Gary some built up windows which was a nice touch making my job a lot easier.
Gary sent over some paint for the trim. I have yet to try this product so a test wood strip is in my plans.


  1. I hope I gave you a good enough built up that you can spin your magic on George.