Sunday 21 February 2016

Woodland Scenics - Road Grader

Not sure were this piece of equipment will end up. But for now it is in an open area on the WRD.
I picked up a built but unpainted metal road grader offered by Woodland Scenics as a kit. It needed a few pieces of wire added and a bit of glue to hold it all together. The model got a coat of primer followed by a wash of Floquil CN yellow. The tires get a coat of Floquil grimy black. A thin wash of black is also added to the engine compartment. SP lettering gray is dry bushed over the tire treads and the bottom of the blade. Caboose red is painted on the tail lights. Bragdon powders are dusted over the whole grader...George Dutka

Ready for priming...a nice little model.

A CN yellow wash was the main colour, but the other two colours used are seen here also.
Might make a nice flat car load if I get the siding cleared out.


  1. A number of very good videographers have used this and similar equipment as foreground props for their scenes. David Cash, who runs Blair Line, used to sell a DVD of his 8mm film of Ozark-area railfanning, a number of scenes in the Joppa, MO area containing one of these in the foreground to very good effect. It may be a little early for your era, but since the 1970s or so, railroad-owned graders are in common use to maintain access roads near the right of way.