Thursday, 18 February 2016

Westboro Engine House - More Views

Looking towards the engine house from the layout faceboard. My Westboro scene is on a short peninsula.
Here we have a few more images of my WRD Westboro engine house scene. My detail drawers are now half empty...cheers...George Dutka

Looking at the back wall of the engine house. I piled up a lot of details that the shop staff needs to sort out.

A closer look at the rear door.
We are at the end of the roadway. A B&M Alco appears to be on it's way out.

Once again another wall loaded with details. Appears some directions are being given to a B&M RS-3. That engine is actually my Atlas un-powered dummy engine, I can only imagine how that conversation is going.


  1. Is the small building to the right a Bar Mills Bull's Salvage? If so, great job turning it into something unique! I railfanned Westboro a lot in the late 1960s, even got a cab ride across the bridge in a B&M Alco switcher. You have a real Westboro feel here!

    1. Hi John
      Yes that is Bull's Salvage without the markings on is my shop storage building...I posted some detailed views of it a month or two ago, if you wish to look back...George