Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rouses Point, NY - Gord Taylor Photos

Rouses Point, NY D&H shop area May 21, 1977. Gord Taylor photo, Peter Mumby collection.
 Here is a small group of photos by Gord Taylor that I have scanned from the Peter Mumby collection...George Dutka

A detail you might want to add if you model this yard. May 21, 1977. Gord Taylor photo
D&H turntable May 21, 1977. Gord Taylor photo

Gord Talyor poses for a shot taken by Bruce Douglas at the shop area of Rouses Point. May 21, 1977. You may have noticed the duel camera's and bracket that Gord used for taking slides and prints at the same time.


  1. Nice vintage shots. Looks like a Napierville Junction caboose!
    Thanks for sharing,