Monday 19 November 2018

Snapshot - November 2018

Bruce Nelson photo August 23, 1973
Meredith, NH
BM 1742 GP-9 on C-13 seen here going into siding to pick up empty flat from lumber company. I believe this is as far north as they went this day. Lincoln Mill was shut down and business on branch was down to one or two cars per day. Doug Adams (throwing switch) was conductor and Carlton Boyce engineer, regulars for years on the Lincoln job. Don't know who the trainman is. I have now notice that train/crew symbol, C-13 is same as caboose number. Humm... Those reconditioned 2000 series B&M 40' boxes were used for bagged grain from Merrimack Farmers Mill in Bow...Bruce Nelson comments...George Dutka

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