Saturday, 24 November 2018

Sylvan 1937 2-ton Truck Completed

Sylvan 1937 Maple Leaf  2 ton flatbed
The truck I was working on last Saturday at the WOD hands-on meet is now finished. The model went together really well although I left out the steering wheel and figure as they would not show. I painted mine with Home Hardware camo olive green. The flat bed is painted wood colour then india ink alcohol mix is washed over it. Acrylic silver is added to handles, grill, hubs and hood ornament. The tire area that would touch the road got a coat of acrylic chalkboard black...kind of an off black with a look of dark gray. I used PanPastel gray on the flatbed and a dusting of PanPastel green on the body and rims.

License plate is added along with a full load of odds and end which was in easy reach finishes it off. A really neat looking truck that was not hard at all to work on...George Dutka

What was in the box that needed cleaning.
A FOS license plate is added.
Added interest to this model is the use of details. Some wood F&C blocks, wire, signs and a Tichy sledge hammer.
Some rust might be added at a later date around the fenders and bumper. The front bumper was painted chalk board black then dry-brushed with acrylic silver as a highlight. The taillights are painted red but don't really show unless you get down low.

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