Thursday 29 November 2018

Views of the WRD this Fall

The Westboro shop track on the WRD is full of switchers that need to get working.
Here we have two views of consists and engines operating along the WRD now that the era has changed. Currently in Florida...posts might be missing for a few day...George Dutka

A local B&M switcher arrives in town while a CV milk train is seen departing.


  1. The switcher just cleared a track - where does the track go off to the right? I'm assuming the milk train is on a corner of your latout?

  2. Hi Terrence: The track the B&M switcher is on is a dummy track which ends at each end of the layout. I normally stage a train on it but it's purpose is to set the scene properly for the B&M side of the station. When you try to compress a scene into a small area you really need to give up on all the tracks being connect...George Dutka