Friday, 9 November 2018

Watchman's Shed

The finished watchman's shed with a bit of detail applied around the base. A bit of ground foam and weeds and a sandy path finish it off.
At the Woodstock train show Jim Sloan gave me this tiny watchman's shed. Not much to it other than a lot of ground foam was glued to the side of the building. I tried to get it off but as it turned out it was on really well and I did not want to put the effort into that. The photo captions tell the story of what I did...Jim do you want it back now...George Dutka

How the shed looked when I got it home.
A spray bomb of olive green camouflage paint from Home Hardware is used.
The roof got a coat of PanPastel extra dark grey and medium grey.
Rust is Bragdon powders.
The trim is red chalk.
Some dust bowl brown and ash Bragdon powders are added as streaking to the walls. Dulcoted plastic will be added as window glass shortly.