Friday, 30 November 2018

My Project at Trainfest

My finished shed on my workspace at Trainfest.
One of the few projects I worked on at Trainfest was this brick office structure. I had a second one in rough shape to view a before and after once completed. I had painted the wall primer red and the roof Home Hardware camo olive. The building was glued together with canopy glue and mortar added. Some acrylic gray is painted on the concrete areas then it was time to use my PanPastels and powders...George Dutka

All spray bombed and ready for glue.
The brick office is now assembled, trim painted and basic weathering completed.
The roof being metal got some rust applied using acrylic tube paints. Signs, box's, barrels and newspapers scattered around add to the scene. I also rusted up the door as it would have been metal.
Now to make the before version look like this also.


  1. Hi George,

    What is the source of this kit/model?



    1. Hi Ted:
      Guess Don answered your question...George

  2. Nice job George: I just finished the same kit. It is part of a Walthers oil dealer kit. Those steps must be a bitch to walk up though!...Don

    1. Don the steps are glued on upside down. I tried to pry them off at Trainfest but there was just too much glue. I planned on just capping them with wood when I got home. Forgot all about it so another job once home from Florida...George

  3. I think you've reached the nirvana level of weathering George! Looks great.