Saturday 23 March 2019

Rutland Ry - Flat Car Model Kit

Two Rutland Ry flats with marble loads ready for pickup on the WRD.
Years ago this Rutland Ry 36' flat car kit was released by the Rutland Railroad Historical Society. It was produced by F&C and I picked mine up at a RRHS convention back in the late 1980's or early 1990's. There was a whole line of Rutland Ry cars offered back then and a great era for Rutland Ry. fans.

The Rutland Ry. 2600 series flat cars have a long history dating back to 1902. 100 of the original cars shortly after being built were sold to the New Haven. Some were rebuilt as coal cars and others placed into company service over the years. My research into these cars have the last 46 cars being rebuild in 1942 and numbered 2600-2645.

The flats come in two packs. I built one of mine as a tool car which was covered in a post a few years back. Check the sidebar search. The other two Rutland Ry. flat cars operating on the WRD are ones I purchased from my friend Warren Dodgson a decade ago. Warren and I used to get together once a month working on kits such as these flat cars. When I got a chance to acquire some of Warren's equipment including these flats I jumped at it. Warren was getting out of modeling at that time. On Warren's flats I have added some weathering to the car sides and powders and paints to the deck to better reflect my current fleet's look.

F&C still offers this kit on their website if one is interested...George Dutka

A Rutland Ry. flat car kit still in storage waiting for me to build it.
A close-up look. The kit also includes there really nice looking marble loads. I glued the blocks to the wood supports, but left them unattached from the flat as I can use them as empties also.
The decks are weathered up a bit. In future I would replace the molded decking that one glues on with actual wood decking.
Two marble loads are resting on Rutland Ry. 36' flats. A Rutland RS-1 is about to pull them from the spur on the WRD.
My kit built as a work car is posed on the WRD.
The interior has a bit of equipment added.


  1. I need to make some granite loads for the Barre-Graniteville section of my layout. How did you make them? Material?

    1. These blocks came with the kit. They can be made from plaster. Just make a form for the size you wish to cast. When dry use a hand saw blade and score the sides...George

    2. Woodland Scenic has a good casting material in milk cartons...George