Thursday, 14 March 2019

Throwback Thursday - Two Shades of Blue with a Touch of Blond

EMDX 197 is the trailing unit on a westbound CN freight at London Junction on January 10, 1998.
By Peter Mumby.

Like many other pursuits, railfanning interest goes in cycles.  Just when you start to get bored with seeing the same old same old, along comes a period featuring lots of run-through power and leased units.  1997/98 was such a period in our area.

The lead unit in the above consist was one of CN's ubiquitous GP40-2W locomotives, but the trailing GTW and EMDX engines added a splash of colour to an otherwise ordinary lash-up.  Also unusual was the snowless January, although a bitter wind was whipping the young lady's hair around.  The power was returning to its train at London East, and would shortly be headed west towards Sarnia.

Two safety features which we currently take for granted are conspicuous by their absence, and help date the scene.  The crew member is not wearing a reflective vest and the lease unit is not equipped with ditch lights.

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