Monday, 29 April 2019

National Scale Car at Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show

Ryan Mendell with what is required to cast boxcar ends and doors. Surprising there was no smell to the mixture and it set up really quickly.
I was surprised to see Ryan Mendell as I walked in the doorway at Saturday's Ontario Narrow Gauge Show held in Schomberg, Ontario. Ryan's new business, National Scale Car does not actually fit the bill of narrow gauging but casting does. Ryan had come to the show with one of the organizer's Doug Curry and decided to bring along what one needs to cast car ends and doors. Kind of neat idea, giving attendees a look at how castings are done and it also gave Ryan a chance to get caught up on casting orders. More on the show is found on my narrow gauge blog...George Dutka
Ryan explaining how it all works.
A closer look at the molds, weights and mold covers.
I purchased two of Ryan's CPR kits. One is for Peter Mumby which we will build on one of our Monday workdays. All one gets in the package is seen here. The five page instructions is not seen in the photo but are well detailed with very clear model and prototype photos. An Intermountain boxcar is also required. Hard to believe my major purchase at a narrow gauge show was standard gauge boxcar detailing kits.

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