Thursday, 25 April 2019

B&M Woodchip Car Models

My updated and weathered woodchip cars.
This winter I picked up these two B&M woodchip cars from Chris Wright at a local train show. These are two early attempt by Chris at modeling woodchip cars. They do resemble what the B&M had but are two not three bay hopper cars. The lettering is not right but close enough for me as I don't have any of the ribbed side cars and they will make good stand-in's till I build a proper model. It actually gives me a chance to work on improving my weathering techniques. When the time comes they probably will be in my sale a few years, not decades I hope...George Dutka

This is how Chris's models looked when I got home from the train show. He had done some weathering and added wood shavings to the interior.
After washing the cars down and adding a coat of dulcote a good amount of rust spots are added using acrylic rust colours. These two colours are actually dollar store bottle colour paints. I thought I would try something different than my usual tube paints.
Bragdon powder bright rust was applied then some tones of dark gray PanPastels.
To tone down the PanPastels I sprayed a very light coat of Floquil grimy black. The wheels are rusted up and the Kadee coupler trip pins are trimmed off.
On the prototype cars the extensions would be lettered differently but I think Chris did a good job with the decals he had available at the time.

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