Tuesday, 30 April 2019

B&M Woodchip Cars - Compromises

The ribbed side woodchip car have extensions with three cutouts similar to those in the bottoms of the car. Note the extensions are actually smooth sheet metal panels with welded seams not ribbed as on the Bowser cars
I noted the other day that Bowser has a three bay ribbed sided hopper with woodchip extensions. The model looks good but as the other models released the extensions are not actually what are on the B&M cars. I kind of turned a blind eye to my models built by Chris Wright considering there are other issues with these cars. If I was going to decal a ribbed car I would build the proper extension. The B&M Bowser offset woodchip hoppers also have ribbed extensions which is not correct for the B&M but a detail I am going to live with at least for now....George Dutka

On this model the extensions have the same ribbing as the car sides.
The extensions are also smooth side metal with welded seams. They also have two cut outs.
The Bowser woodchip cars look pretty good and I am basically happy with them although they have ribbed extensions instead of the flat welded ones on the prototype. Its hard to have it all.


  1. I wonder if it might be possible to plane down the ribs on the extensions and cover them with a thin piece of styrene? It would be easy to include the cut outs.

  2. That might work Geof but if I was going to put any effort into the extensions I would build new ones...the prototype ones are also taller than those on the model...George