Monday, 15 April 2019

CV Section House - White RIver Jct.

My CV section house that once stood in WRJ is seen near the edge of my layout.
One of the models that I added to my White River Jct. scene is the CV section shed that was once located just north of the station. I did not have any dimensions so I used known model door and window sizes to come up with a plausible model. I also had two photos of the section house that I could better figure out the actual sizes. This structure is a lot bigger than many of the CV line side houses which followed CN practices. For smaller ones there is plans to help one come up with models or just use the Sylvan Scale Models version. The one at White River Junction does take a bit more work.

I scratch-built my model from stock styrene and window and door casting I had on hand. Floquil boxcar red - tuscan red mix was applied to the walls. Floquil white is used on the windows. The roof is cardboard covered with masking tape...George Dutka.

The section house can be seen in the bottom left of this photo. This is an overall look at WRJ and the lead to Westboro.
I was asked some time ago about measurements for my section house. I decided to measure it and make up a quick sketch for future uses. Here is how my drawing appears. I had to reduce the file down to fit this blog post. If you make a copy of it from here it might be off scale. I can send one a proper copy if needed. If you are a CVRHS member you will get it in the Ambassador sometime this year.
My model is on my workbench for a cleaning. It has not been out of the WRJ scene in over a decade. The roofing which is made of masking tape over 15 years ago is beginning to lift. I think a better option today would be BEST tar-paper roofing...making for a great upgrade.
An overhead view sitting on the CV colour book that shows the section house in colour. The year is 1957. Note the green and gold CV herald on the wall.
Bob Nimke book photo
On the White River Division.

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