Monday 5 August 2019

A Visit with Bruce Douglas

Bruce showed me his just completed S scale fork lift truck. He did a really nice job on this. It is part kit and part kit-bash.
Last week I took a drive up to Stratford to visit with my friend Bruce Douglas. Bruce is another New England modeler who now days mostly works on S scale trucks although he does still dabble in HO. He decided to model a St J red geep and needed some Floquil red. I had a number of bottles of red on hand so I took him some paint along with a copy of RMC which I mentioned his modeling efforts on his great looking CV milk car. We had a nice visit and at the end he surprised me with his just completed St J trucking trailers in HO scale to take home. Thanks Bruce.

Before I left town (just after 4pm) I stopped by the station and found the CN WB had arrived and was switching the yard. It was Tuesday and was about ready to head to London with a cut of cars. At the same time the GEXR arrived from Goderich so a good time to be around...George Dutka

Bruce made up his own artwork for this decal which he printed up. He also has an S scale fleet of these trailers. Bruce once worked as a graphic artist for newspapers and publishing company's.
The Athearn St J. trailer is already in use on the WRD.
When I arrived the CN WB was on the Pounders lead switching the yard. July 30, 2019.
The GEXR arrives from Goderich, Ont. with a train load of salt. Stratford seems to have a nice size group of young railfans. I spoke to two youngters maybe 15 years old that followed what happens in town and fill me in as it has been a couple of years since I last visited town. They used their phones shooting video. Another showed up shortly after. As I left town ahead of the train I noted another youngster set up near Hwy 7. What I found interesting he was also shooting video but with one of the large old time video recorders...maybe something he found of his dad's in the closet.
The GEXR are on the main while the CN is in the yard.
The yard is in peak weed season. I am not sure I would want my static grass this long around the switch stand and ROW on the WRD.

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