Thursday 29 August 2019

FOS Ice House - Updated

My FOS Scale ice house after updating it in August.
I had built this structure about six months ago. I thought it looked really good then. Since then I learned a few new effects and roofing styles. I also have a couple of weathering products I wanted to try on this structure. Now that it is updated I am thinking it has a more well used look...George Dutka

As it looked last winter once completed.
New tar paper roofing made from black construction paper. One window had a flaw in it but I did not have another one that would fit. I left it as-is when first built. I decided to just board it up instead of replacing once one is found.
The sign got some burnt umber and burnt sienna as rust. The walls lower section get a light sponging of AK slimy grime dark and Vallejo rust texture.
The roof joints and walls got some PanPastel and Bragdon powders.

I am finding a lot of my builds are getting to look a bit ratty, maybe I should model a freshly painted structure to go along with this one.
Some BEST pigeons are added to the roof with a few boards also.

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