Thursday 22 August 2019

FOS Kit of The Month - REA Depot

A lot of detail is added to the freight door platform. This was FOS kit of the month June offering.
This was a neat little structure to build. All went well although I don't follow directions well...George Dutka

Wall, base, roof and doors are all assembled.
Since the doors are modeled open some of the scrap material is used as flooring. I have the one section laid out which was almost a good fit.
Once Hunterline stain and a coat of Floquil grime is applied the walls are painted with powders, PanPastels and chalks. The trim and lower wall section is painted with red chalk and Bragdon antique iron.
The upper areas are a mix of these two colours.
The one small section of the roof I feel did not have enough overhang so I added a small strip.

Small brushes and micro brushes are used for the trim. I pulled a good amount of boards up.
Construction paper roofing is used. I added a bit more details than are included. The doors are modeled open. When I pick up some more figures this fall one will be posed inside the doorway.
I used all the signs included in the kit, even on the rear wall.
All set to be added to my waterfront scene one the planning is done.

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