Friday 30 August 2019

Green Mountain Route - Visit

This scene has been done for awhile. Don pulled out a caboose hop to add to my practice shot.
On Monday I took a ride to Sarnia to visit with Don Janes. We are working on a presentation for Trainfest this year that we are doing jointly. We needed to get started on it, sorting out hundreds of pictures into a selection that would take about 45 minute.

I also got a chance to try out my new phone's camera a Samsung Galaxy A20. My old phone died on the weekend. I guess you can be the judge if the pictures are any good...I know the modeling is over the top...George Dutka.

I was just playing around with my phone trying out the depth of field. I think this phone is really good.
This part of the scene at Wells River is well underway but some details and scenery still is in the works.
Don has just finished this structure before I arrived. It is from Creative Laser Design and a great little kit.
Another view of Don's new motor car shed. This is the second one he built for his layout.

A look down the spur on the peninsula in Wells River.


  1. I am now starting to model the wrj station. I am looking for a good straight on photo file of the station. It is a photo file, not a photo, that I am lookin for. With the file I can get very close to matching the brick color using photoshop. So while you are going through those photos if you come across a photo file of the wrj station please send it to me at