Monday, 26 August 2019

Snapshot - August 2019

CP yard London, Aug. 19 2019. The engine is in the sun while the fence is in the shadows making the engine stand out behind the fence.
We were over babysitting last week at our youngest grandsons home which is about 3 blocks from the CP yard. I slipped out for about 30 minutes leaving my wife in charge (who am I kidding). The sun was in and out of the clouds as I arrived at the yard. There are not a lot of spots one can get photos or even see what is in the yard. The power is normally stored at the east end and some gaps in the fence makes for better photos.

As I got out of my car I noted the engine with the sun on it could really make a nice photo. The fence and area I stood was still in the shade of the clouds which almost disappeared in the view. Once the sun arrived at the fence the engine was just not the same as the fence now stood out in the viewfinder...George Dutka

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