Sunday 13 September 2020

B&M 1102

B&M 1102 running light on the WRD.
Here are a few more views of my last project back in May. I worked from one photo that showed this engine with the square herald...the only heralds I had to work with. Once I was finished I came across more photos of the engines and realized the grabs on the front of the engine are not correct for this version. It appears this engine was different from the rest of the fleet. Oh well. I don't plan on changing them at the moment but it might happen down the road. It is a great looking and running engine that is getting a good work out on the WRD...George Dutka

Extra 2200 South mentions this engine was renumbered  1160 at one point but converted back to 1102 again before retirement.
The two photos below the model are of the prototype. These photos would have helped during construction.
Pulling a cut of cars off the spur.

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