Tuesday 29 September 2020

Snapshot - September 2020

The west end of CN's London yard on Sept. 28, 2020
Yesterday Peter Mumby called me with a heads up...the OSR Guelph, Ont. fleet was in town on its way to St. Thomas to connect with the OSR. It was overcast with rain on its way shortly. I decided to take a chance and headed over to the CN yard. Sure enough the units were still there waiting for #584. Later in the day they will be run over to St. Thomas. The sun partly peeked out from behind the clouds for a bit and I quickly took my shots. I headed over to the CP yard from there but it had really clouded over ending any hopes of nice views there...George Dutka

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  1. It appears the move of the OSR engines was cancelled for last night and they are still in town...George