Friday 4 September 2020

September 2020 - Update

I received the current group of 6 kits from FOS. I am not sure if I really needed them but there was a few I thought would look good on the layout. Building these kits are fun.
I have yet to begin modeling once again after my July surgery. The branch line station that recent posts cover I built back in May. I am thinking within the next few weeks I will feel well enough to sit for an hour or two at my workbench. I also have not been out railfanning since early July and looking forward to an outing...George Dutka

VIA 72 approaching Komoka this past spring. Note the fresh striping on the bridge. I am thinking this one has been hit a lot.
One of Bruce Douglas nicely done S scale models. This one is lettered for a New England company.
The bonus when I ordered my FOS kits was they were offering a choice of free kits. There was three old kits available. I always wanted Big Lou's so I was excited to received this one.
My Back alley scene is done. There is only one kit included in this scene. Everything else is made from bits and pieces. More on this scene shortly.


  1. The back alley looks great, but I noticed behind it on the workbench your mug of pencils and pens. In my opinion, every modeler should have this on their workbench. I bought a souvenir mug at a well known theme park in southern California that unfortunately began to lose its printed design when washed, rendering it unusable for drinking. However, it became a workbench mug and I can still enjoy looking at it.

    1. Hi Galen:
      Thanks, next to the mug is a CN beer glass that holds my paint brushes.