Wednesday 30 September 2020

Throwback Thursday - A Stelco Relic

Stelco  71 takes a breather at the CN yard in London, Ontario on February 02, 1995.

By Peter Mumby

Many industrial locomotives spend most of their days skulking around behind high fences.  For this reason, railfans don't often get the chance to add photos of these types of units to their collections. 

Stelco 71 is an SW8 built by General Motors Diesel in December of 1951.  Most of its working life was spent at the main Stelco plant in Hamilton.  It was later transferred to the facility at Nanticoke, Ontario to be used as a parts source.  By the time this photo was made in February, 1995, it had probably outlived even this function and was on the way to its final resting place.

Some of the customized details on this unit might be of interest to potential model builders.  Close vertical clearances in the plant have led to the lowering of the cab roof and the exhaust stack.  Spot lights have been added next to the cab door, and both body-mounted and frame-mounted handrails are in evidence.  Oh, and don't forget that distinctive weathering job! 

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