Thursday 10 September 2020

Throwback Thursday - In Transit

Bangor and Aroostook GP38s 302 and 303 are resting on the CP shop track at the London yard on May 25, 1996.
By Peter Mumby
There are many reasons why "foreign" power could show up on your home road.  Leasers, detours, and run-throughs are just a few of the possible scenarios.  The BAR GP38s in today's photo have very clean pilots and running gear, so a probable explanation for their appearance in London, Ontario is that they have recently been refurbished and are en route to a new assignment with Iron Road Railways.  Sounds like a great excuse to have some exotic units put in an appearance on your layout!

1 comment:

  1. Iron Road's paint scheme were so classy! I'd love to paint up some of my GP38's and GP35's into their livery. It's a shame the railroad itself was so short-lived.