Thursday 17 September 2020

RBOX - Ghost Lettering

Right out of the box an Athearn Grime series boxcar with couplers clipped.
Peter gave me this nice looking Athearn ghost lettered boxcar he found back at the Kitchener show this past winter. I had been doing all the driving at that time which he appreciated. Back in the late spring I decided to take the cars weathering a bit further. The captions tell the story. About the same time as I was working on the boxcar Jim Sloan sent me a message regarding ghost decaling that might be of interest....George Dutka

Hi George.  That was a real nice looking RBOX car on your blog today.  Perhaps you’re already aware of these decal sets, but just in case you’re not, here’s a link to some RBOX ghost decal sets.  Luc did a bunch of the work to get these made available.  They are really nice, very thin decals.  I bought the full set of 6, and have had good results.  I’d have to double-check, but I think they’re designed for use with the Intermountain 5277cu.ft. boxcar, which I think is the same as in your photo.

Although not seen with ghosting, here is a couple of  boxcars from my collection. May 14, 2018.
Dec 11, 2015 Komoka, Ont.
I added some AK pencil markings along the ribs and ladder rungs. I thought they were too heavy so I wet my finger and rubbed it along the ribs. Only one side was weathered.
The whole car got a coat of Model Master flat clear. The roof then got a wash of India ink alcohol mix. I then added a few rust marks using Vallejo rust texture and PanPastel raw umber shade.
The finished car. Couplers and wheels are painted cinnamon brown with additional Bragdon dark rust.


  1. Did the ink wash not react with the Model Master clear and cause it to go hazy? Whenever I apply an alcohol ink wash over Dullcote it does that.

  2. Yes the ink does react with the clear which is what one wants. It looks like oxidized roofing material which happens fairly fast on the prototype...George