Saturday 12 September 2020

Atlas HH 600/660 - B&M 1102

The engine was painted Floquil black, followed by a spray bomb gloss coat. The decals are really old stock I had from Accucal. I used them on the engineman side but the rest fell apart so I used an old boxcar herald on the opposite side. There was enough numbering to finish the job. The couplers are Kadee #158's.
Last November Don and I attended Trainfest and spent the evening operating on area layouts. On one evening Don and I worked the same job taking care of some local industries. Our power for the evening was an Atlas HH 600/660 which I was really impressed at how well it ran and sounded. Knowing the B&M had a few I picked up one at the show then next day. Once home I added some details that better representing the prototype, added new paint and decals...George Dutka

On the shell I added a new horn by the cab, a new front headlight which is an Athearn SW switcher light I had removed while making CN engines. The bell is from Juneco.
Most of the weathering was done with these three products.
The finished model with some extra weathering to the roof.

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