Saturday, 3 October 2020

OSR at St. Thomas

Peter are you about done, I need my photos while the sun is out...just kidding.

Brian Smith called me on Wednesday morning to confirm that the string of OSR power had arrived in St. Thomas overnight. 584 had brought them over. Here in London at the time it was raining. St. Thomas 30 minutes away Brian tells me it is part sun and clouds, no rain. A quick call to Peter Mumby and we met up at the CN yard to check out the OSR motive power fleet up close. It was great, more sun than least while we took our shots. Not long after we were finished it really clouded over and a few sprinkles had arrived. St. Thomas yard can be a great place to get a good look at equipment. Security is minimal at least for the time being...George Dutka

OSR caboose bringing up the rear.

Peter and I walked the whole line getting some great sunny views of each unit.

As in the first view the best location to get an overall view of the fleet was from the old St. Thomas loading dock. One wonders how many of these will remain in the OSR fleet.

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