Thursday, 29 October 2020

Throwback Thursday - CP Business Cars


CP business car "Assiniboine" was basking in the evening sunlight in front of the Havelock station on July 4, 1992.  The marker lights and ditch lights would be nice details to add to a model.

By Peter Mumby.

Three CP business cars were in attendance at the 100th Anniversary celebrations for the Village of Havelock.  (See August 16, 2018, "Celebrating 100 Years in Style").  Each of these cars had been constructed in the 1920s.  CP 70, "Assiniboine," was named after the Assiniboine Tribe in Western Canada.  CP 73, "Mount Royal," had been named after Montreal, the original home city of Canadian Pacific.  Car 83, "Lacombe," had been named in honour of Father Albert Lacombe, who had negotiated a right-of-way for the railway through Blackfoot lands.  Built in 1921, Lacombe was the oldest member of this group of veteran business cars.  
CP "Lacombe" was photographed early in the morning of July 05, 1992.

CP "Mount Royal" was built in 1927.  It still looked pretty classy on July 04, 1992.


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