Saturday, 11 June 2022

June Update 2022

Here is a view of the WRD from 2012. The ballast was still Woodland Scenics grey and was later changed to Highball cinder. My milk train is having a run over the line this day which was two cars and a Rutland combine kit I had assembled.

Not to much to report at the moment. Beginning this month I do have a bit more free time as we have cut down on daily visits to mother-in-law...will see how that works out. I also have made it out a few early mornings when the sun was out. They were short 1-2 hour jaunts just outside the city limits although I have made side-trips on my way to mother in laws in town. 

Once I am caught up with home chores that have piled up I will share some more newer modeling with you. I also have a selection of New England station postcards to share with you...George Dutka 

Fallen Flag hopper in CP yard London, Ontario last week. Might make an interesting model.

A close-up of one end...note the ACI label.

London's current yard switching power. Not sure if there is a decal set out for this variation.

The cab numbering...think they could have done a better job at the stencils?

Here we see the resin boxcar end and roofing offered a few years ago at a local train show for a dollar. When is the last time you got a kit for a dollar. It actually built up really nicely into a line side shed.

Here is Peter Mumby's and mine structure prior to painting.

And the finished models. Mine has a small stack...not sure if there is enough room for a stove in there.

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  1. So, on the long hood, it looks to me like they've simply painted over parts of the "om" in the word locomotive to create the letters "cn". Somebody is very resourceful. I like it.