Friday, 24 June 2022

More Spray Paint!

Testing out two red tones on my old test hoppers.

A look at two red tones I have just tried out. Actually have had them around for a bit but with not doing any modeling in months they had to wait. On the left side one can see a red oxide primer which has a very flat finish which is from Home Hardware. I feel this color has the red tones that many of the CN CP boxcars once had. It maybe a good alternate to Floquil boxcar red. Many of the primers I have tried look too brown in tone. 

The second color is tru-color paint Matte dark red brick. It has a nice red tone to it with a bit of gloss. It might not need gloss coating for decaling  but some testing will be required. It might be another option for CN and CP boxcar reds also. I found it did not cover as well as the Home Hardware paint requiring more coats.

Both paints look great when applied to a scrap brick wall so a dual use for sure. I guess one needs to experiment with the spray bombs. I have in the past while trying to darken the tone is spray on a light coat of black or darker primer brown first and while still wet spray on the second shade. They will blend together as they dry. I used this mixing a lot with Floquil over the years...George Dutka  

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