Tuesday 28 June 2022

Snapshot - June 2022

Corner of Pall Mall and Richmond St. 1935. Note the CPR coach behind the Supertest station. There was a streetcar line down Richmond St.
This months snapshot is of the Supertest Head Office and service station once located on the northeast corner of Richmond and Pall Mall street just south of the Canadian Pacific rail line and in view of the London CP station. Supertest was a London company which began in 1923 and operated until the early 1970's. For many decades, the large neon sign and clock were a familiar landmark for those who traveled past 660 Richmond Street. At night the 18-foot neon sign alternated between 'Supertest Wonder Gasoline' and 'Canada's Finest'. The clock had state of the art precision and automatically adjusted itself to the correct time each hour on the hour. It was so accurate that it was rumored that Canadian Pacific train engineers set their watches by it. The large sign and clock were installed about 1938 and were removed in the early 1970's after Supertest was acquired by British Petroleum (BP). The building was later demolished in 1989 and this location is now home to Jack Astor's....George Dutka    

The CPR station was just beyond this location.


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