Friday, 10 June 2022

On the way to TrainFest


At the Amtrak station in Battle Creek there was not a lot happening other than some track equipment passing by on Nov. 6, 2019. The original station is somewhere nearby. I believe it is used as a restaurant but we could not find it. I think the trackage was rerouted sometime ago to this location.

Don and I stopped at Battle Creek, Mi. on Nov. 6, 2019 on our way to Trainfest. We left a day early to get in some railfanning and visit a few locations I have wanted to see along the GTW. Battle Creek was one which is now almost abandoned. There are a few relics still standing at the shop area. Trainfest is once again happening this year after a 2 year break...George Dutka  

There was not a lot to see at the site of the shops other than these storage tanks and some abandoned trackage. The site has yet to be repurposed on our visit.

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