Tuesday 21 June 2022

New Structures For Waterbury On The Green Mountain Division

 Filling In The Gaps At Waterbury.....by Don Janes

This is an overall view of the new buildings place in the Waterbury scene.  
        After spending over three months in Arizona this past winter it was good to get back to some modelling when I got home.  Before I left in Dec. I had been working on my Waterbury, VT. scene. Back in the fall I traded a structure kit to George for a small diner that he built from a FOS kit.  I really liked the look of it and thought it would look nice on my layout.  I also purchased a new FOS kit, Hollis Pest Control.  I really liked the lines of the structure and thought it would make a nice addition to the Waterbury scene.  It came with signs for an auto repair shop also so I elected to use it as that rather than a pest control business.      
        Once construction of the building was done I set to work laying out these foreground structures.  Since I wanted to make the scale model of the actual Waterbury station be the focal point of the scene I didn't want to hide it with other large structures so I placed these two buildings in the scene so the station would still be highly visible. To date I have the base scenery for the scene finished.  The two structures are removable so I will finish the background scenery next as I need to reach over the foreground to complete it and I don't want to damage the foreground buildings.  The scene is finally coming together and it has been a lot of fun to work on.

Here is a street side view of the repair shop.  Lots of additional scenery and details still need to be added.

The parking area is painted Grimy Black with cracks added to represent fairly new asphalt. That is the Waterbury Station in the background.

This view of the structure shows the interesting roof lines and various structural outcroppings.

Here is another view of the parking lot. The chain link fence is from Alkem Scale models and is the best scale chain link fence I have ever seen. All the outside lights on this structure are working SMD LED's.

These two photos show the neat little Pancake House that George built.  The wood fence id from Bar Mills.  My three year old grandson loves the pancake shop.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Alkem chain link fencing. I just installed some Woodland Scenic chain link fencing and am unhappy with it. It will be removed and replaced with the Alkem product. Looks great on your layout!