Saturday, 18 June 2022

The BAR-NH Insulated Boxcar Fleet

My model is NH 45097 which is the further back model. Peter Mumby's model is the BAR cleaner looking of the two.

A view of two NH-BAR 40' in service on the WRD. I took this photo a number of years ago when Peter showed up with his version of the fleet. My model was built by Warren Dodgson back in the 1990's. I was able to acquire part of his fleet when he left model railroading. The car is a kit offered by the NHRHS back then. Warren did a fine job constructing the model with lots of details added.

Back in 2018 it came across my workbench for some weathering and updates. The couplers were clipped on my model and a fresh flat finish applied. The wheels are rusted up a bit and the roof is touched with acrylic burnt sienna and burnt umber. Some black powders are applied to the roof. The sides are left as-is which has a bit of weathering sprayed on by Warren. I will have to take a few close-up views and share them with you. I don't recall much about Peter's car but will look into that too...George Dutka

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