Monday, 31 October 2022

Bob Hannah's Power on the WRD

In this scene the CV train approaching the Bellows Crossing diamond is being handled by CN power modeled by our friend Bob Hannah.
Back in 2015 Peter Mumby showed up on one of our Monday Workshops with Bob Hannah's engines to pose as we wish. Peter had acquired them a number of years ago. I set them up at the diamond and placed my camera right on the track. Of course, the angle made the views backlit but still neat to shoot and view. Bob did a wonderful job on his power, and he is one of those guys that likes all the small details on his models to follow the prototype...George Dutka

Train time at the Bellows Crossing diamond with CN power dominating the scene. These engines were custom done by Bob Hannah back in the 1980's when one needed to find the right details, cabs and decals to model a CN engine correctly.

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