Monday, 3 October 2022

Gondola Loading

Kevin Smith sends out a Freight Car Fridays which had a neat view a week or so ago. This view is of a Vermont Ry shell loaded in a gondola. He could not remember where the view came from.

Some inspiration for you to maybe model. If you have some extra shells and a few empty gondolas your scrap yard has some new business coming their way...George Dutka 

Back when the reclamation yard here in London, Ontario was operating one could find loads coming in and going out. Here is a gondola full of roofs heading somewhere. Peter Mumby took this photo along Pine St. back in the days when one always found something interesting to photograph. There was no date on Peter's view but if I find the one I took I could verify the date. I think it is the mid to late 1980's. One can model this type of load using a couple of unused Front Range roofs or any other unwanted freight car part in storage. Happy Modeling!

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