Thursday 27 October 2022

Throwback Thursday - Rubbing Shoulders

On February 01, 2005, UP 9198 and STER 3582 are sharing the CN yard at St. Thomas, Ontario.
 By Peter Mumby.

I am sure that there were very few locations on the railway map of North America where Union Pacific power could have rubbed shoulders with a Bombardier HR412(W) locomotive.  Certainly the CN St. Thomas North yard would have been near the top of this rather short list.  As pointed out in last week's post, UP units periodically arrived in St. Thomas on NS 327.  This power would then repose in the yard until it was needed for number 328 of the following day.  The North yard was also the main interchange point for the St. Thomas and Eastern Railway, a component of Trillium Railway.  In today's photo, STER 3582 is performing its interchange tasks, while UP 9198 takes time out on an adjacent track.  NS withdrew from the area at the end of December, 2006, while STER continued to call at the yard until 2013.

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