Thursday 20 October 2022

Throwback Thursday - Foreign Power

On December 3, 2000 NS 8928 and Ontario Northland 1721 lead NS freight 328 off the Talbot Subdivision towards the Dundas Subdivision connection at London Junction.
By Peter Mumby. 

I always enjoyed catching Norfolk Southern trains 327 and 328 as they hauled their strings of auto parts cars to and from the St. Thomas Ford plant.  Default power was a pair of GE 6-axle units, and this was interesting enough in the 1990s before CN and CP started ordering similar power in large quantities.  Throw in the occasional older GM locomotive with a high short hood and variety became the order of the day.  Leased units and run-through power only made these consists more interesting.  Lease power bearing reporting marks like CRIX, FURX, and GMTX appeared regularly, often wearing ex-UP or ex-BN paint work.  Run-through locomotives from UP, BNSF, and CR were often in evidence.  For a couple of years, CP power was pretty well standard on these trains.  Even CN power showed up on occasion, but the Ontario Northland unit featured in today's photo  only passed my camera once. 

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