Sunday 20 November 2022

Broden's Butter Dish Milk Cars

Seen in Dover NJ in 1949 from the Bob Bowes collection.
I was going through the Bob Bowes collection of photos recently and realized he had two photos of Borden's butter dish milk cars mixed in where I would not expect to find them. One of these cars I had not seen a view of as a butter dish milk car. BEIX 522 has been added to my list. Also, I have not seen many views of the earlier paint scheme (red) on these cars. My updated (2022) list of cars known to me to be butter dish cars are BFIX 503-508-516-520-521-522-523-531-534-537. It is good to have a proper number if one is modeling one of these cars...George Dutka 

BFIX 522 is seen in Deposit NY in 1937. Bob Bowes collection.


  1. George any idea what color red to use

  2. Hi Jim
    History accounts mention a Chinese red was on the prototype. I used Floquil caboose red over a coat of tuscan red. Red is translucent and a darker base is good to have down first so a nice even color will be had when the finish coat is applied. Since there is no Floquil paint now use any bright red such as caboose or signal red...or maybe a mix of the two. George